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Kellan At Work.gif

The Endless Grind

My first attempt at flat design animation. Had a blast putting this together. 

Created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. The Illustrator design took about 80-90% of the time in this one. It was a great chance to hone in my skills with the program. The After Effects animations were subtle, but add a great depth to the piece.

October 2016

Autumn Leaf

A graphic autumn leaf designed in Adobe Photoshop. 

I was inspired by the foliage this year and wanted to create a unique leaf. This gave me a great opportunity to place with colors and lines.

September 2016

Autumn Leaf.png

Sunset Leaves Animation GIF v2.gif

Autumn Sunrise

My second attempt at flat design animation.

This was build with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. I saw other works using this color palette, and thought it was amazing. I wanted to build a landscape that featured these colors. This particular design felt fitting for early November.

November 2016

Fenway Park at Christmas

I was tasked with creating a background for the Red Sox Holiday E-Card this year. I wanted to use a cool winter palette and give it a holiday feel. This was the result.

December 2016